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It's Life, But Not As You Know It

This is life, but not as you've seen it before. This strange underwater creature with two curved "Mickey Mouse ears" has won the 2011 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition®.

Shot by Charles Krebs, the little sea monster is a tiny underwater life-form with cilia (hair-like projections around the “ears”) that frantically sweep food into its mouth. The fast-moving cilia were captured in motion thanks to the use of a special flash.

The reddish feature in the frame is in fact the creature's self-shaped home, which it is forming inside its body. Clever thing needs no mortgage to get a roof over its head.

This year’s winning images and movies present the latest advances in neuroscience and cell biology. A time-lapse movie of a cress plant developing new roots over a 75-hour period won second prize.

The the Olympus BioScapes Competition rewards the best microscopic photos and movies of biological sciences.

The winning photos and videos will be displayed in a museum tour that will tour America.

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