Vladimir Putin Booed At Wrestling Match In Russia (VIDEO)

Vladimir Putin Booed At Russian Wrestling Match (VIDEO)

As has been shown by historical figures from Catherine The Great to Joseph Stalin, you get used to a certain amount of deference when you're the leader of Russia.

Perhaps it's a result of a complex interaction of political, social and historical factors? Or maybe it's just that they elect leaders who shoot whales, stare down bears and discover buried treasure with their bare hands.

As such, and for whatever reason, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is a leader who has learned to expect support from his people.

So when he took to the stage at a recent Russian martial arts fight he was surprised to be roundly, albeit briefly, booed by the audience.

Putin took the microphone after a fight between Russian fighter Fedor Emelianenko and American Jeff Monson. He was quickly booed, however, in a rare sign of apparent public protest, and seemed to stumble over his words before finding his feet.

The PM's supporters, however, claim the audience was jeering the American opponent. And Russia's Channel One edited the footage to only show the moment Putin elicited a cheer from the crowd.

So maybe, in true Russian style, the booing never happened at all? Well, that might be easier to claim had the footage not already passed 500,000 views on YouTube... Take a look, above.


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