22/11/2011 09:36 GMT

London Olympics 2012: Impressive Stadiums Unveiled As Security Costs Spiral (Pictures)

Protecting the Olympic venues is costing taxpayers more than a quarter of a million pounds a day, as the price to the secure the 2012 London Olympic arenas continues to rise.

Many of the buildings that were under construction are now finished, meaning that security costs are now treble what they were in 2010.

Five of the arenas, including the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre, Velodrome, Handball and Basketball Arenas have already been finished. There is less than 250 days to go before the games begin.

The Olympic Stadium is reported to have cost £486m to build, while the Aquatics Centre came with a price tage of £269m.

However wire fencing, G4S security guards and screening of staff is purported to have cost £7.5m in September alone.

Aerial pictures of the stadiums, built in East London, Stratford, offer an impressive view to how the village may look on completion.

There are worries that costs may spiral., especially as securing the site of such an international event is relatively unknown.

Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), the body in charge of developing and building the stadiums, said:

"Security for the Games is of paramount importance and has formed a vital part of the design and building process in delivering the London 2012 venues and infrastructure.

"Recent spend also includes capital works programmed to be carried out at this stage of the project following completion of the main venues on the Olympic Park, such as the installation of CCTV and security control rooms.

"These costs have already been accounted for within the ODA's budget. The ODA remains firmly on track and within budget, having identified more than £800m of savings to date."