25/11/2011 09:07 GMT | Updated 26/11/2011 03:58 GMT

Gary Glitter Free To Leave UK After Travel Ban Is Lifted

Gary Glitter can leave the UK again after the three-and-a-half year travel ban imposed on him following his conviction for paedophilia came to an end.

According to Sky News the police have indicated they have no plans to extend the ban. Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, will have to give notice if he plans to leave the country for more than three days.

Glitter was imprisoned in Vietnam for three years for abusing two girls, one ages 10 and one aged 11. The 1970s pop star was convicted in 2006 of committing "lewd" acts while the girls were at his beach house in the southern coastal city of Vung Tau.

Following his release he was refused entry to Thailand and Hong Kong so returned to the UK.

In 1999 he served four months in prison in Britain for possessing images of child sex abuse.