Couples Spend Just 30 Minutes A Day Together, Study Reveals

British Couples Only Spend 30 Minutes A Day Together

A third of couples spend less than 30 minutes of quality time together a day and three in 10 feel their relationship is suffering due to the lack of 'couple time', a study has revealed.

The average British couple spends 2% of their normal, working day in each others company as they push their relationship to the back burner to make time for the daily grind of work, household chores and childcare.

The majority of 2,000 Brits questioned in the study by felt that their relationship would improve if they had more quality time together. Given the chance, over half would be happy with the simple things, like having an uninterrupted meal together at home or cuddling up watching a film.

But while six in 10 would happily welcome the opportunity to properly talk to their partner for at least one hour and 25 minutes a day, 16% admit to getting no quality time together with their partner at all.

Nearly half of the disgruntled couples revealed that they don't receive any romantic gestures anymore as their other half is too busy.

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