01/12/2011 07:13 GMT | Updated 31/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Madonna Resolves Noise Dispute With Neighbour In New York City Apartment

Madonna has made peace with a neighbour who said the superstar made noise by using her New York City apartment as a rehearsal studio, lawyers involved in the matter said.

Court records showed Karen George's lawsuit against the singer and their building was settled as of Wednesday.

Lawyers for Madonna and the building's co-op board would say only that the matter was resolved.

Ms George, whose apartment is upstairs from Madonna's in a building overlooking Central Park, had said the dance and exercise routines subjected neighbours to "blaring music, stomping and shaking walls" for up to three hours a day.

Ms George was driven from her apartment at times by the "unbearable" noise and vibrations, according to her lawsuit, filed in 2009. It sought unspecified damages.

Madonna took steps to dampen the sound in 2009, but Ms George said they did not work, according to an August court ruling that turned down the singer's effort to dismiss the lawsuit.

Ms George had said the building board acknowledged her complaints but ultimately did not crack down because it did not want trouble with Madonna.

Madonna and the board had said the noise never topped legal levels. The singer also said this March she had built a studio elsewhere and was not using the apartment for musical moves any more.