04/12/2011 16:37 GMT | Updated 04/12/2011 20:43 GMT

Afghan Rape Victim Does Not Have To Marry Attacker

An Afghan woman who was gaoled for adultery after being raped will be released from prison with no pre-conditions, her lawyer has insisted.

Reports this week claimed that the woman, named as Gulnaz and who has given birth to a daughter since being incarcerated, would only be allowed to go free if she married her attacker.

Gulnaz's lawyer, Kimberly Motley, told the BBC that Afghan leader, President Hamid Karzai, had confirmed that her freedom would come unconditonally and she would be free to marry whoever she chose.

When she was first imprisoned in 2009, Gulnaz was sentenced to two years but this was increased to 12 years after she appealed. Before President Karzai pardoned her, she had had her sentence reduced to three years.

Motley told the BBC that her client had a 'safe place' to go once she was released but added that "she doesn't have any plans... she just wants to get out [of prison]."