Like Obama and Trump, Biden promised to end America's 20-year involvement in Afghanistan.
US forces first invaded the country in 2001 following the September 11 attacks.
London mayoral candidate claims he's already had 550 sleepovers – in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It's not clear why he has such an exact figure.
"That Sunday I was supposed to be hosting my son's seventh birthday party... I really didn’t want to die in that muddy field in Helmand."
Almost 200 people were wounded and 63 killed after an explosion ripped through a venue in the western part of the Afghan capital.
From Berlin to China, accelerated by new technology and communications, 1989 saw humans take decisive steps towards greater dignity against controlling systems and unfair distribution of opportunities
Talks have been aimed at ending the United States’ longest ever war.
I hope my story will inspire people, especially women, that there are no limits to success in the UK, no matter where you come from.
What we need is the political will and courage to find refugees' stories, listen to them and amplify them over the deluge of bigotry