Liz Truss' U-turn isn't the only story we should be talking about this week.
It's been exactly a year since the West pulled out of the country and the Taliban took over.
Following the collapse of the previous government and severe international sanctions, the country's humanitarian crisis has only deepened.
Preet Gill, Labour's shadow international development secretary, says the UK must have "dialogue" with the Taliban.
Guest Quentin Letts clashed with the presenter over the UK's treatment of refugees, saying: "There's no point talking to you."
Philip Barton was told to consider his position by MPs scathing of the UK's evacuation from Kabul.
Senior FCDO official Josie Stewart says it was "widespread knowledge" the instruction came from the prime minister - despite his denial.
The prime minister has been accused of giving the controversial airlift the green light.
The assurances came despite a leaked email suggesting PM had authorised the pet airlift
Around 16,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan but for some the journey of resettling in the UK came with its own challenges.