The militants were punishing the journalists for reporting on a women's protest in Kabul.
"Of course there are likely to be terrorist attacks on UK soil on my watch. We wish it were not so," said Ken McCallum
The terror group have now banned demonstrations they don't approve of.
Marzia Babakarkhail, who fled Afghanistan in the late 1990s, issues a stark warning to the West that the Taliban "has not changed".
The militants want to be formally recognised as Afghanistan's leaders but have upset the West in the process.
"Please, please, hurry up. They need immediate help," blind activist Yaqoobi pleaded.
Afghanistan's capital was trying to peacefully push back after the last stronghold of resistance fell.
PM gives his first figure for those who could not be evacuated despite risk of reprisals from Taliban
Ex-PM also counsels against ruling out Western “boots on the ground” in future