Police Warn Against Vigilante Justice After 'Rape' Of Month-Old Baby

Police have warned against vigilante justice after a 100-strong mob gathered outside the house where a four-week-old baby had allegedly been raped, according to reports.

A group of people organised a candelit vigil for the infant and were praying for the baby outside its home in Gravesend Kent, after reports of child abuse emerged. The baby is said to have a suffered broken arm, a broken collarbone, punctured lungs and severe bruising. All of his ribs had been fractured as well as suffering other internal injuries consistent with rape, the Sun reported.

A man 35, and woman 33, were arrested on Saturday but later released on bail. However police were called in on Sunday night when those attending the vigil went to a house they believed belonged to the man arrested.

A woman who attended the vigil told the Times “Someone shouted, ‘Let’s go and find the bastards who did this. They then stormed round to this other house and started throwing things.”

Objects were reportedly thrown at the house, and a car in the driveway was damaged.

Supt Stuart Kehily told the BBC "Any form of vigilante behaviour will not be tolerated and will be dealt with robustly by Kent police.

"I can understand the anger incidents like this can cause in the community, but I strongly warn people against jumping to early conclusions and seeking some form of retribution."

The baby is said to be a serious but stable condition at King’s College Hospital in South London.