UK Police

Thousands of people marched in towns and cities across the UK.
Thousands of people marched in towns and cities in protest against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.
Under Government plans, the police in England and Wales would be given increased powers to deal with non-violent protests.
Covid rules mean police can violently shut down protests like they did on Saturday. Now those powers could become permanent.
Penalties of £200 issued for getting a trim from a barber while on duty.
One soup kitchen manager says those sleeping rough have never had it so bad – even during the Middle Ages.
The officers were bugged and caught using bigoted and inappropriate language.
Revellers ignored warnings about breaching Tier 4 coronavirus regulations.
The body of the boy was found in Fishtoft, near Boston, on Saturday, Lincolnshire Police said.
Nigerian LGBQT activists Freddie Jacob, Matthew Blaise and Victor Emmanuel joined the End Sars marches only to find fellow protesters turned on them. The activists who marched with the hashtag ‘Queer Lives Matter’ say that the fight for oppression should include Nigeria’s LGBT community too.