05/12/2011 09:59 GMT | Updated 03/02/2012 10:12 GMT

'World's Most Expensive Supercar Pileup' Creates £2.5m Heap Of Scrap Metal In Japan (PHOTOS) (VIDEO)

A dramatic car pileup in Japan has resulted in the destruction of 14 luxury cars. According to The Telegraph, the cost of the vehicles destroyed runs to around £2.5m.

The crash destroyed eight Ferraris, including two F430s, two F355s, and two 360 Modenas, plus a Lamborghini Diablo and a Toyota Prius.

The pileup occurred when a convoy of 20 valuable vehicles was travelling, apparently at high speed, on a wet motorway in western Japan on Sunday. It is speculated they may have been heading to a supercar convention.

According to emergency services up to 10 people were taken to hospital after the crash, but no one is reported to have died.

It is thought to be one of the costliest supercar crashes ever recorded.

The Sun reported that a highway patrolman, Eiichiro Kamitani, said: "I've never seen such a thing... Ferraris rarely travel in such large numbers."