Bizarre Breakfasts From Around The World

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that certain brekkie act as great brain-boosting agents and that a early morning chomp on a hard boiled egg gives us more energy than sugary cereals - but what do our foreign counterparts eat in the morning?

While a diseased corn-on-a-cob or a bowl of piping hot crab porridge might not sound appetising, around the globe these unusual foods are regulars on the breakfast table.

As food experts predict that Brits will broaden their breakfast choices in the next 10 years, seeking influence from our foreign brekkie eaters, our beloved fry-up could soon be toast to make way for more exotic dishes like savoury crab porridge, seaweed flakes, and fishy breakfasts.

Find out what Mexicans, Koreans and Japanese eat in the morning... Would you try them?

Strange Breakfasts From Around The Globe