07/12/2011 06:58 GMT

Final Destination 5 Poster Banned By Advertising Standards Authority Four Months After Release

A controversial poster for the horror sequel Final Destination 5 has been banned, four months after the film's release.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that the poster, which features a human skull being skewered through the eyes and mouth by steel bars, had scared children.

It said that the poster, which was plastered on buses and the London Underground before the release, must not appear in its current form again.

The image "was likely to cause fear and undue distress to children", the ASA said in its judgement.

It said: "We considered the image was likely to catch the attention of children, especially because it was shown on a poster on the Underground, where it was an untargeted medium."

Three people wrote to the ASA to say their children had been scared after seeing the poster, and 13 complaints were received in total.

The film's distributor, Warner Bros., said that the poster "accurately reflected the content of the film in an appropriate manner without causing excessive fear or distress".

Warner Bros. also argued that the dark grey poster was "unlikely to engage the attention of young children".