Annie Leibowitz: The iPhone Is The Greatest Snapshot Camera

Great Instagram And iPhone Photos

You can of course use mobile phones to make calls and send texts, if you must.

These days though, Instagram and the iPhone 4S camera have turned your mobile into a truly viable camera alternative.

Annie Leibowitz recently called the iPhone's camera "the snapshot camera of today".

She described it as accessible, easy and the modern version of the "wallet with the family pictures in it".

Essentially a visual Facebook status update, but with gorgeous filters, Instagram, is the ideal bragging tool for professional photographers and amateurs alike.

The newest version also means you can print your pictures with no loss of quality, since the resolution is now 1,936pixels x 1,936pixels.

There are loads of options for printing Instagram snaps on Printstagram and Postagram. Canvaspop allows you to print your best shots straight to wall-mountable canvas,

Instagram is still free, though not available on Android, yet. Though it is coming, according to the Telegraph.

The Instagram community is growing steadily, and now has 14 million users. You need no qualifications to join. Just a willingness to snap and share.

Take a look at some of our favourite Instagram snaps below:

Lead image Shard at Sunrise, @londonbird.

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