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It's A Girl! After Four Boys And 10 Miscarriages Mum Finally Gives Birth To Longed-For Daughter

Trish Corcoran and her four sons and daughter Evie Worldwide Features

This is the mum who has fallen pregnant FIFTEEN times to finally hold the daughter she has always longed for.

Trish Corcoran has endured 10 miscarriages and given birth to her four sons before her daughter Evie was born.

Most mothers might have given up hope, but Trish was so determined to have her daughter that she battled through all the heartache, which included losing one baby when she was 22 weeks pregnant.

Trish Corcoran and her longed-for daughter Evie Worldwide Features

Trish, 32, who lives in Feltham, Middlesex, with her husband Michael, 44, said: "We have been through such a lot to have Evie.


When I look at her I just burst with pride. I already had an amazing family before she came along, but Evie has really made it complete. I was determined that I was going to carry on until I had a daughter, and now she is born I feel like the happiest mother in the world.


The couple's first son Michael, now 14, was born in February 1997 and two years later Trish fell pregnant with their second son Jack, 12.

She said: "Jack was beautiful just like his brother, but I couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed that I hadn't had a girl.

"But I knew that we could always try for another baby. I'd had no problems falling pregnant with our two sons, now we just had to wait for a daughter to come along."

But then tragically Trish fell pregnant another four times that year, and lost all four babies.

In early 2002, she fell pregnant again, but in April she lost that baby too. Doctors then carried out a series of tests, but they found no medical reason why she kept losing her babies.

In September 2002 she fell pregnant again, for the eighth time. The 12 week scan showed the baby was healthy and the couple started to look forward to being parents for a third time. But then at the 20 week scan, there was devastating news. The baby had died.

Trish, whose husband works in airport security, said: "We just couldn't believe it. It was devastating. All our hopes were dashed. The doctors told me he was a little boy and saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing we had ever done.

"After going through all that heartache, we decided to concentrate on our two wonderful boys we already had, but there was still something inside me that ached for a daughter so even though we had been through so much, I still wanted to keep trying for another baby."

In October 2003, Trish found out she was pregnant again, and in May 2004 their son Chris was born.

When Chris was three months old, she fell pregnant again and in April 2005, their youngest son Joe was born.

Trish Corcoran's four sons Worldwide Features

Trish said: "I was thrilled to have my four boys, but my desire to have a daughter was still so strong.

"Friends kept saying that if I had any more then I would have a rugby team, but although I loved my sons, I didn't want any more. I just wanted a daughter to make our family complete."

Trish carried out research on websites to see how she could maximise her chances of having a baby girl. She cut out acidic foods such as tomatoes and oranges and upped her intake of foods such as carrots and peppers. And she also tried to conceive at certain times of the month.

She said: "I tried everything I possibly could to help me fall pregnant with a girl."

Over the next four years she had another four miscarriages, and then in February 2010, she fell pregnant for the fifteenth time.

Trish Corcoran and her newborn daughter Evie Worldwide Features

She said: "I was expecting to lose this baby too as by now I'd had 10 miscarriages, but week by week my bump grew and this baby was hanging on.


I promised myself that this would be my last baby, so I just had to hope and pray that this time my prayers would be answered and it would be a baby girl.


Trish went into labour in November last year at St Peter's Hospital in Chertsey - and then at last came the words from the midwife that she had waited 15 years to hear. They told her that she had given birth to a healthy girl, weighing 8lb 4oz.

She said: "I just couldn't believe it. I had held my breath from the moment she was delivered and then came those words that I had waited so long to hear.


The midwife knew how many babies I'd lost and how I longed for a daughter, so everyone was really emotional.


"When I held my daughter finally in my arms I knew that my long battle had been worth it. I had to endure the heartache of losing 10 babies to have her."

Evie is just about to celebrate her first birthday and she is doted on by all her brothers.

Trish added: "I've bought so many pink outfits - I've got a lot of years to make up for. Evie loves all the attention and when she's old enough I will tell her just how special she is. She has really made our family complete."

Words by Lucy Laing.

Congratulations, Trish! Could you have gone through that much heartache?