11/12/2011 09:58 GMT | Updated 10/02/2012 05:12 GMT

Tory MP Aidan Burley Apologises After Attending Nazi-Themed Stag Party

A Conservative MP has apologised after he was caught taking part in a Nazi themed stag-do that involved Hitler salutes and don SS officer uniforms.

Cannock Chase MP Aidan Burley was photographed by the Mail on Sunday (MoS) while enjoying an evening with friends in a restaurant in the French Ski resort of Val Thorens on December 3.

According to the paper some of the party sung "Hitler, Hitler, Hitler", another toasted the "Third Reich" while one of the group wore the uniform of a Nazi SS officer.

The MP is not said to have indulged in the behaviour himself, but the paper says he did nothing to encourage his friends to stop. He has since apologised on Twitter.

When one of Burley's friends was asked by the reporter what they were doing, he said: "We are trying to intimidate as many people as possible. A lot have been quite offended, especially one guy who was both Jewish and gay."

It also emerged that the French authorities are considering pursuing legal action against some in the 12 man group as the wearing of Nazi uniforms is against the law.

"Anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi crimes are taken extremely seriously in France. Anyone suspected of breaking the law in this respect can and will be prosecuted," a French police spokesman told the MoS.

Burley, 32, is parliamentary aide to transport secretary Justine Greening.