All Dolled Up: Katy Perry Barbie Could Be Yours For $3,500

All Dolled Up: Katy Perry Barbie Could Be Yours For $3,500

Barbie manufacturers Mattel have donated a one-of-a-kind Katy Perry doll to a charity auction and she could be all yours for $3,500 - that's just over £2,000.

The Katy Perry Barbie doll. Photo:

The miniature Perry was created by Amy Lee (a designer at Mattel, not the Evanescence singer) and features a doll-sized version of Katy's cupcake dress complete with 70 hand-painted micro cupcakes, candy-coloured glitzy bodice and Swarovski studded fishnets. The successful bidder will also bag the doll's delicious waffle cone stage with swirly pops, ice cream mountains and cotton candy clouds.

Compare and contrast the real thing with the miniature singer. Photos:

Sadly none of this is edible but it is beautiful. The bidding currently stands at $3,250 so if you're hoping to add cupcake Katy to your mantlepiece you'll need at least $3,500 spare.

The Katy doll is being sold to raise money for Project Angel Food - a Los Angeles charity which delivers free meals to those with life-threatening illnesses. Auction closes 19 December.


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