Why Driving A Silver Classic Car Could Boost Your Sex Appeal

The Best Way To Boost Your Sex Appeal Revealed

Of all the methods men and women try in an attempt to boost their sex appeal and reel in the opposite sex, driving a classic car is the most effective, a study has revealed.

The survey of 1,000 motorists found that driving a silver classic car is the most attractive way to be seen cruising for a new companion.

Both men and women were likely to have their attention piqued by spotting a fellow driver in a classic car with Mercedes deemed to be the sexiest of the cars on the market.

However, sports cars were a turn-off for women, who preferred a man in a sensible hatchback or estate car.

In a surprise success for 'white van man', they took the second spot for the most popular male driver after the classic car.

Julia Dalimore from Carcraft, who ran the survey, was surprised that 'white van men' did so well. "It seems women are looking for a rough and ready partner," she said.


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