Elizabeth Hurley: 'I Eat Three Times As Much As Shane Warne'

Liz Hurley: 'I Eat Three Times As Much As Warnie'

Elizabeth Hurley, 46, stars on the January cover of Zest magazine.

The actress, model and business woman models her latest swimwear line, including polka-dot bikinis and leopard-print one-pieces, reveals fitness and diet tips, six steps to party confidence for the festive season and admits that, despite her amazing figure, she eats more than fiance Shane Warne.

On Shane Warne's influence to her fitness and diet:

"Shane is very disciplined when he has to be but, bizarrely, I eat at least three times more than him because I'm far greedier and think about food all day long. He's naturally very athletic because he's been a professional sportsman for over 20 years. He keeps threatening to make me run with him, but I've resisted so far!"

On looking good over the age of 40:

"I love women looking fabulous and I don't think growing older means looking less good. For me, it's less about trying to looking younger and more about making sure you look your absolute best. Without doubt, once I hit 40 I had to make more effort and it wasn't until then I realised how much easier it was when I was younger. Back then, I could look pretty good on three hours sleep. Now, I look like a lunatic if I don't get at least double that. In my 20s I used to be able to exist on coffee, cigarettes and crisps, but again, a couple of days of that now and I'd look and feel really scary!"

On motivating herself to keep fit:

"I put myself under pressure to remain slim because I still model my own bikinis but it is much more difficult to feel motivated in the gloomy winter. I wrap myself up and try to walk every day with my dogs and sometimes force myself to run a bit - but I hate it. I love Pilates and yoga but, again, am more likely to do them in the spring and summer."

On why she chooses an organic diet:

"I almost never eat anything from a tin or a packet and the same goes for over the festive season. I'm passionate about home-cooked food and am convinced that eating a lot of packaged and processed food encourages weight gain. If you think about it, a homemade cake has only four ingredients: butter, eggs, sugar and flour but if you look at the ingredients list of a shop-bought cake, it can be quadruple that - and most of it stuff you don't want in your body."

On the advice she'd give her teenage self:

"According to my mother, I was a 'gruesome teenager' - lots of dyed hair and insane clothes. My advice to teenagers would be start developing healthy eating habits, don't drink too much alcohol, stay away from all recreational drugs and don't smoke."

See the full interview in the January issue of Zest Magazine, on sale Monday 12th December


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