Eurozone Crisis: Hague And Clinton Reaffirm 'Special Relationship' Despite Euro Split

US Concerned About Euro Crisis But Not Britain's New 'Position'

William Hague and Hillary Clinton have defended the special relationship between the UK and the United States at a meeting in Washington.

The foreign secretary and the US secretary of state met up to discuss the ongoing developments in Libya, Syria and Afghanistan. However, the prime minister’s veto of the latest eurozone proposal on Friday was also discussed, with Hague restating Britain’s role within the EU.

“Europe can develop in a way in which there are overlapping circles of decision making, and not every national has to participate in everything but that doesn’t alter our (Britain’s) central role in pushing forward European policy on a range of subjects,” said Hague.

Speaking at a press conference after the talks, Clinton expressed concern with the European economic situation, but they did not run to Britain’s position within the crisis.

“The role that the UK has played in Europe will continue and we of course welcome that,” she said. “Our concern has not been over the position that the UK has taken, it’s whether the decisions made by other members of the eurozone countries within the EU will work.”


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