Million Pound Drop Contestants Lose On The Very First Question (Video)

Million Pound Drop Contestants Lose On The Very First Question (VIDEO)

If you've never watched Million Pound Drop, allow us to give you a brief explanation as to how it works - and why losing £1 million on the very first question is so unbelieveable.

Contestants are given a bundle of cash - worth £1 million, would you believe - and are allowed to place that cash, in small or large amounts, on one (or more) of four possible answers to a question posed by the computer above them.

As you'd expect with gameshows like this, the first few questions are gob-smackingly easy, just to get the ball rolling.

Alas, for Gareth and Alex back on December 7, the very first question was enough to stump them, plonking the whole £1 million on the wrong answer and joining the Incredibly Embarrassing Quiz Show Moments hall of fame in the process.

The question? "Justin Timberlake won an award in October of this year for helping to protect what?"

Was it... "Friend With Benefits", "Trouser Snakes", "The Environment" or "Sexy Backs"?

If you chose anything other than "The Environment", then perhaps we shouldn't be poking fun at Gareth and Alex.

Amazingly, they weren't the only couple to stuff up on this special Christmas Edition of the show, with another pair, Kenneth and Whitney, also cocking up royally in the very same programme.

But with the Million Pound Drop people being so lovely and all, both couples walked away with a holiday. Isn't that nice? Nice and not embarrassing at all? Wait, don't answer that...


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