13/12/2011 05:18 GMT | Updated 13/12/2011 05:21 GMT

Star Wars Text Crawl Found On Escalator In Tel Aviv City Hall (Video)

In an amazing piece of why-didn't-anyone-think-of-this-before, some tourists in Tel Aviv, Israel, have discovered the Star Wars text crawl printed on the steps of an escalator.

An escalator in Tel Aviv's City Hall, no less - exactly where you'd expect to see it, right? Okay, maybe not.

Currently going viral around the internet, it's still up for debate whether it's been officially endorsed by George Lucas and co. - we sincerely doubt it - but you can bet your bottom dollar that if George catches wind of an unlicensed use of his intellectual material it'll be off that escalator before you can say, "pass me the hydrospanner."

Unfortunately, the video itself is pretty crappy, shot on a little Android phone and boasting an awkward-looking girl humming the Star Wars theme to the side of escalator.

Still, to quote Tina Fey, we want to go to there. Before it gets removed, in fact - so we've got a couple of weeks, tops.