Tel Aviv

Stars of the 64th Eurovision contest walked the orange carpet in Tel Aviv, Israel, as excited fans from all over the world watched on. The contest was plagued by security concerns as tensions flared between Israelis and Palestinians over the last few weeks, but an agreed ceasefire has held so far. Pro-Palestinian protestors gathered outside the event, calling for a boycott of the international singing competition.
He's now the world's richest Israeli.
The decision threatens to inflame Israeli-Palestinian tensions and provoke outrage across the region
I wish I could share the aromas from delicious falafel corner shops, the energy I felt while listening to Israeli music as I walked through the markets, and the passion for life I saw in the eyes of the incredible people I met.
The power utility, Sanral, Acsa and City Power are among the latest institutions to be downgraded.
Some have argued that the swat (or slap, as others are calling it) wasn't a swat at all, but merely a withdrawal. Naturally
The men were 'behaving disruptively by not complying with the captain and cabin crew’s request'.
A group of strictly Orthodox Jews were escorted off a flight as it landed in London over claims they refused to sit next
Tel Aviv is truly a city that never stops. With 14 kilometers of Mediterranean beachfront, promenades, sandy beaches, numerous cafes and restaurants, fancy hotels, trendy nightclubs, and endless blue horizons, Tel Aviv is a must-see destination on any visitor's Israel itinerary.
The film is a fly on the wall documentary of three ordinary young gay men who live in the extra-ordinary world that is the bifurcated society of Tel-Aviv.