Harry Judd Will Be Keeping His Shirt On For Strictly Come Dancing Finale, He Tells 'Attitude'

Harry Judd may have to turn on some special tricks to walk off with this year's title of Strictly Come Dancing champion during the show finale at the weekend, but, to the disappointment of his fans, removing his shirt will not be one of them.

The McFly drummer, who has emerged as one of the favourites to take the title, doesn't want viewers to think he's a show-off.

Despite happily posing with his gym-honed six-pack for the cover of Attitude, he told the magazine, "People must be thinking, 'Put it away, mate. That guy is obsessed with himself.'"

Judd's dancefloor-ready body hasn't always been in the state seen in the magazine's photo-shoot video.

He told the magazine, "Pre working out, I thought people who did were vain and the gym was for losers. Now I work out I totally get why people do it. I'm quite obsessive so once I start I want the best body. It's become a mixture of health, enjoyment, the challenge of the gym and a vanity thing."

The magazine has officially crowned the Strictly star their hottest man of the year. It's the second time in a year that the musician has appeared on its cover.

The full interview with Harry Judd is in Attitude Magazine, on sale now, in print and digital platforms through attitude.co.uk.