14/12/2011 13:59 GMT | Updated 14/12/2011 14:01 GMT

Bear Hitches A Lift Into Vancouver On The Back Of A Truck (Video)

A black bear casually rummaging through garbage in the centre of Vancouver surprised residents after he hitched a lift into town on the back of a rubbish truck.

As soon as the doors opened the furry inquisitor poked out his massive head and looked at his new urban surroundings. Truck drivers had no idea until a man ran across the street shouting: "There's a bear, there's a bear!"

The bear had to be tranquilised and transported to more rural surrounds further north. But these Canadians should count themselves lucky that the bear was spotted so soon.

Although fatal bear attacks are mercifully rare, the animals become dangerous when accustomed to humans. Black bears are by nature more timid and will run away when confronted, but Grizzly bears are more likely to charge. Take a look at the video below to see a one jaunty Grizzly in Alaska.