14/12/2011 06:40 GMT | Updated 14/12/2011 06:47 GMT

Brutal Ice Hockey Brawl Breaks Out At Kazakhstani Under-10s Game (Video)

YouTube user RamaPijama uploaded a video of his nine-year-old brother playing ice hockey recently.

Well, he meant to, but something far more exciting happened afterwards - his brother's team started hitting ten bells out of the opposition.

Little Timur Serazhiyev has just finished winning a ice hockey game for his team, Burabay (in green), against Astana (in white). Then, during the final handshake, the rivals started bad-mouthing each other things escalated into a violent brawl.

If you want to spot Timur, he's in the number 8 shirt. You know, the guy fighting with number 27 for a while.

But perhaps this is to be expected - after all, ice hockey players aren't afriad of a little bit of fisticuffs.

Just take a look at these Russian goalies having a go at each other, and this blog that wonders whether these fights are what ice hockey has to do to attract fans...

You wouldn't get this on the golf pitch, that's for certain. Instead, you get nutters shouting "MASHED POTATOES" - much more civilised.