No one wants to raise children who feel entitled, but our overwhelming desire to care for our children sometimes leads us to do things that don't serve them — or us — in the long run.
And what parents can do to encourage a healthy relationship with their body and food.
Experts reveal what to avoid and what you should use instead.
Comparing being a pet parent to raising a kid, for one.
"I couldn’t open my jaw. I was to tell the doctor I fell down the stairs. Mum stayed nearby to make sure I did."
"Yes, I know it’s cold but my kid won’t wear a coat. I am picking my battles. —a parenting memoir"
When a parent is struggling with one of the many challenges of caring for a child, this phrase is the last thing they need to hear.
"My 12YO just pronounced fettuccine like it rhymes with medicine so I see my work is not done yet."