14/12/2011 10:42 GMT | Updated 14/12/2011 11:19 GMT

Racist Abuse: Another Video Goes Viral After Woman Attacks Man On London Bus

Police are investigating another racist rant after a video of a woman screaming abuse on a London bus went viral.

Filmed on Monday on the number 29 between Wood Green and Trafalgar Square, the video shows a woman and a man engaged in an aggressive verbal exchange. The woman then flies at the man with a flurry of punches.

The woman, wearing white t-shirt, is quickly removed from the bus, but not before offering another foul-mouthed tirade n which she shouts "C***" repeatedly at passengers.

The outburst is the latest in a spate of racist incidents that have been captured by mobile phone cameras and posted on the internet.

In November, 34-year-old Emma West was filmed giving racial abuse to a fellow passenger on a train to Croydon. West was later arrested and was remanded until January for her own safety following death threats. However, she has since been allowed home on bail.

There was also an incident on a Manchester to London train in which a brunette woman was filmed shouting racist abuse to a fellow passenger, telling him "you are in my country now, talk my language.''

On Tuesday, a film went viral in which a "big man" threw off an alleged fair dodger off a train in Scotland. Sam Main, the teenager removed from the train, has since come forward to protest his innocence. This incident was not racially motivated.