15/12/2011 08:52 GMT | Updated 15/12/2011 08:52 GMT

Polar Bear Mother And Cub Hug After Row (Pictures)

A polar bear cub got the telling off a lifetime from his screaming mum at a zoo in Denmark.

Christmas is a stressful enough time for polar bears (busy with Coca Cola adverts, Frozen Planet auditions and so on) but when this naughty polar cub started larking around on the rocks, the polar mum cracked.

Opening her mouth, she bellowed at her bear-child, baring white teeth over black lips.

Up on his hind legs, Augo, the polar cub steps back and attempts to steady himself, shocked at his mother's loss of temper.

However, with his wet, black nose and white, furry belly, mother Malik couldn't freeze out her cute cub for long.

Especially when Augo wrapped his heavy white paws around his mum's neck, squeezing out a well-meaning polar apology. The two even look like they are kissing.

In the wild, polar bear mums stay with their cubs for up to two years, helping them in survive in what are often harsh conditions.

The pictures were taken by Sussi Kober at Aalberg zoo.

She said: "Augo is a playful little bear and enjoys playing around and being mischievous.

"Sometimes it seems as if he is testing his mother, but he will always win her over with some affection - or a big hug."