16/12/2011 12:51 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

That's A Relief! Toilet-Training Toddler Freed By Firemen After Getting Head Stuck In Loo Seat

Toddler Kai Stevens who got a loo seat stuck on his head SWNS

We all know that toilet training can be a tricky business. But toddler Kai Stevens has found it a w-hole lot more problematic.

The inquisitive two-year-old got his head stuck in is removable loo seat after poking his head through during toilet training – and had to be freed by the fire brigade.

His mum, Nikki, Northam in Bideford, North Devon, spent 20 minutes trying to wrestle his head free from the plastic seat before calling for help.

"I turned my back on Kai for a minute and the next thing I knew he had the seat on his head," she said.

That's a relief! Toilet-training toddler freed by firemen after getting head stuck in loo seat SWNS

"He must have pulled it quite hard to get it on his head because we couldn't get the thing off.

"The firemen couldn't get the seat off either so in the end they used a hacksaw to cut it off. "It was quite funny really and Kai was fine - five minutes after he got the thing off his head he was running around telling everyone he wanted to be a fireman."

What's the worst escapade your toddler has got into?