'Talking' Porcupine Wishes You A Merry Christmas (VIDEO)

Teddy Bear is a ridiculously cute porcupine who shot to internet fame after the world realised just how much he enjoys eating corn and pumpkin.

And now the spiky one from Zooniversity, a teaching zoo in Texas, would like to wish his fans a Merry Christmas in his latest YouTube video.

Sure to also become an online hit, the 39 second clip shows Teddy munching on a festive cookie and wearing a Santa hat.

But that's not all, the dapper North American porcupine can apparently be heard saying the words 'Merry Christmas' in his distinctive high-pitched squeal.

A spokesperson for Zooniversity -- who insists Teddy is a talking porcupine -- said he enjoyed wearing his Santa hat and that it was perched on his head for about an hour before it fell off.

And for anyone worried that a gingerbread cookie might not be the ideal diet for a porcupine, they added: "It wasn’t a cookie. It was a low-sugar dog biscuit — we keep our big guy on a healthy diet."