Several Texas women suing the state over what they say are deeply confusing restrictions shared their harrowing stories in court on Wednesday.
The Texas senator keeps bringing up his infamous Mexico trip during the state's 2021 record-cold temperatures, where more than 200 people died.
The rain-free conditions exposed over 60 dinosaur tracks on one path, according a Texas state park superintendent.
Authorities say 46 people were found dead inside a tractor-trailer near San Antonio, Texas, as the temperature topped 100.
Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety said 19 officers waited outside a classroom door.
"You're all doing nothing," O'Rourke said to Texas officials who were giving updates on the mass shooting at an Uvalde elementary school.
″I’m so tired, I’m sorry, of the moments of silence. Enough!” Steve Kerr said in a clip, which has now gone viral.
“We’re a small community, and we will need your prayers to get through this,” the superintendent of the Uvalde, Texas, school district said.
Her comments were met with shocked outbursts and murmurs from others.
The Texas teen amassed more than 2 million followers for his lip-sync, dance and comedy bits.