18/12/2011 16:46 GMT | Updated 30/01/2012 14:59 GMT

Battlefield 3 Video Game Stunt Goes Viral (VIDEO)

It's been dubbed 'the most daring action moment in video game history' and been viewed more than five million times on YouTube -- meet the moment a Battlefield 3 player pulled off an amazing in-game stunt.

Gamer RendeZook had been playing the first-person shooter -- where gamers fight on foot, in tanks or using other vehicles -- when he found himself in a plane with an enemy in close pursuit.

And while it initially didn't look good for him, the skilled player was able to execute a daring move which would have made Chuck Norris jealous.

He took his aircraft into a vertical climb and then ejected himself, before proceeding to produce a rocket launcher and then blast the enemy plane from the sky.

He then somehow managed to land calmly back in his cockpit and carry on his game -- instantly becoming a video game hero in the process.

Other gamers have flooded online forums with praise for RendeZook, who had recorded his presumably practiced kill and uploaded it to YouTube along with the theme from The A Team and the comment: "I love it when a plan comes together."

YouTube commenter aswetoyou said:

"James Bond or probably John McClane would've done something like this in a movie, but not in a video game! this is crazy!"