19/12/2011 10:54 GMT

Cute Mona Monkey Wears Nappy In German Zoo (Pictures)

Great globulus green eyes peering mischievously from monkey brows, this nine-day old baby mona is being potty trained, and zookeepers have fitted him with a nappy.

Ironically the mona monkey has a white furry rump so as this primate grows up, it will seem as if he’s fitted with a training nappy anyway.

Breeding mona monkeys in captivity is very difficult so zookeepers in Germany are taking extra special care of their fragile new arrival.

His long grey toes would be used to grip branches in the wild. With their long strong tails, mona's swing from tree to tree and only freeze when they are scared.

Their name “mona” is nothing to do with the sounds they make, but originates from an old moorish word for their tails.

An “Old World” monkey, this colourful critter would usually be found in West Africa, enjoying the rainforest and swinging from trees. However it looks as if he’s being pampered with his own personal cuddly toy Magdeburg at this zoo in Germany.