20/12/2011 10:55 GMT | Updated 20/12/2011 11:23 GMT

Samson, Britain's Biggest Dog, Breaks His Toe During Walkies (Pictures)

Samson is the UK's biggest dog - so it shouldn't be a surprise that he's also one of the clumsiest.

Back in 2008, he hurt his back leg and now, three years later, he's broken his toe.

Perhaps this sort of thing should be expected from such a giant pooch - when you're 20 stone and seven and a half feet long, it's hard not to be a bit accident-prone once in a while.

Samson's £4,000 adventure to the hospital three years ago was paid for by his loyal fans after a whip round.

This time the titanic canine suffered a more minor injury - but it will still see Samson laid out on the sofa over the festive period.

Samson is treated like a celebrity in his home of Boston, Lincolnshire, with walkies occasionally becoming impromptu photo ops for passers-by who see him on the street.

The Daily Mail has been in touch with the mighty dog's owners, Ray and Julie Woods, who explained that it was on one such walkie that the toe-breaking incident occurred.

"Samson was walking along on the way home from his morning walk, we were just two doors away when suddenly he yelped and started walking on three legs," Julie told the Mail. "We don’t know how he did it but he’s got a big lump there now."

Samson, we wish you well.

And if you're looking for your own "miniature version" of Samson, ask after a Great Dane and Newfoundland cross at your local pet rescue centre - just don't get a monkey to ride him like a horse, because that would be weird.