The Captain America star and Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman had a puppy play date for their rescue dogs.
The 121-pound pooch feels "a bit guilty" for letting down the image of her St Bernard cousins, her rescuers joked.
No, your pet is not likely to catch the virus, but there are precautions you should be taking, vets say.
The Burreaux pup won everyone over the second he started flashing his smile.
Jubilee was rejected by her breeder after he complained he couldn’t sell such an odd-looking dog.
Owner of dog, now named Cracker, explained they had "no home or money now for him", the RSPCA said.
Admitting to the grief is embarrassing because we're told a dog's death isn't worthy of the same kind of sorrow as a human's death.
When Australian breeding manager Wally Conron first thought of crossing a labrador and a poodle for a blind woman in Hawaii, he had no idea what would follow. Working for Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia (now Guide Dogs Victoria), Conron made the breed to avoid the wiry hair of a labrador, while keeping the temperament which makes them such good guide dogs. He now says he “opened a Pandora's box and released a Frankenstein's monster", citing the many crossbreeds that came from his initial breeding, and the health and hereditary problems the dogs can face.
Thirteen-year-old golden retriever Pluto wasn't always a vegetarian, but a close call with BBQ meat made him rethink things!