'Starting from a very young age they’re struggling to get enough air into their lungs with every breath.'
This man loves dogs so much that he spends his time hugging strays. Some are hesitant to accept his love at first, but most eventually relax and enjoy the rare attention.
"It’s so easy to sell a dog online and this is one of the biggest challenges that Battersea faces today."
Wedding crashers are usually frowned upon, unless they’re cute and fluffy, it seems. A stray dog recently gained two loving
Things are changing in Africa. After years of banging on the door, it's beginning to open, and animals all across Africa
Another reason we're seeing more and more supplements being bought is that dog owners don't want to feel like they're denying their dog this something 'extra'. And then there's the 'band wagon' mentality - people see others giving their dog supplements and hear about how it worked miracles for them so they decide to do the same.