5 Cute Animal Pictures (And Videos) To End The Week: Dog Steals Go-Pro And 'The Wholphin'

Run doggo run!

Another sweltering Friday lies ahead for much of south England, so grab yourself a glass of cold water, kick back and bask in the sheer brilliance of the animal kingdom.

The dog who stole a Go-Pro.

In what is probably one of the greatest animal moments of all time, a dog stole its human’s Go-Pro and the end result was this uh-mazing video...

Behold the WHOLPHIN (but don’t call it that).

This week scientists discovered a never-before-seen hybrid sea creature ― a cross between a rough-toothed dolphin and a melon-headed whale. While some have been tempted to call it a ‘wholphin’ (well it is the best name ever) sadly scientists aren’t allowing it. Robin Baird, research biologist at the nonprofit Cascadia Research Collective, said the melon-headed whale is not actually a real whale, it’s a species in the dolphin family - so it’s just a dolphin hybrid.

Still cool though.


The baby birds hand-reared by one dedicated mum.

Twitter user Liam Welton said his parents found some baby birds on the floor outside their house so his mum put them in a beanie hat and brought them inside. She then hand-reared them, which involved chewing up mealworms and feeding them to the birds with a pair of pliers (that’s dedication right there).

They were kept in an indoor cage and then, when the weather perked up, outside in a gazebo tent. Disaster struck when a storm blew the tent down and the birds escaped, however they didn’t disappear for long. The next day they were back in the garden.

“They’d come to visit the people who saved them,” Liam said. “They’ve been hanging around ever since.” Cute.

The baby rhino who surprised visitors at Chester Zoo

In the middle of a busy summer’s day at Chester Zoo, 12-year-old Malindi - a critically endangered eastern black rhino (just 650 remain in the wild) - shocked onlookers when she went into labour. Less than half an hour later a healthy male calf had been delivered, in what zoo conservationists have described as a “very rare and special event” to witness. Here he is in all his glory...

Chester Zoo

And last but not least: the dogs ogling BBQs.

Barbecue season is here, much to the dismay of doggos the world over who are desperate to do a dash-and-run with some sizzling meat. Nice try Roger, it ain’t gonna happen.

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