13/07/2018 07:00 BST

5 Cute Animals To End The Week: Dog Channels Gareth Southgate And Corgis Galore

Keeping us buoyant after football devastation.

We might be out of the World Cup but the planet keeps spinning and the animal population keeps us smiling... Here they are in all their glory. 

1. The pets taking style tips from Gareth Southgate.

This Wednesday, before England lost to Croatia in a heartbreaking World Cup semi-final defeat, humans and animals alike took to Twitter to celebrate #WaistcoatWednesday in honour of England’s manager (and all-time legend) Gareth Southgate.

Phil (pictured below) regularly updates videos of him and his dog Jesse in matching attire - on this occasion, shirts and waistcoats. He told HuffPost UK: “Jesse is such a wonderful, loving border collie and he’s my world. [He] brings me such happiness.”

Gladstone the Treasury cat got in on the action too... Looking dapper, chap.

2. The goose watching the footy.

During Wednesday’s match, people were glued to TV screens in homes, pubs and even local parks up and down the country. We weren’t the only species getting in on the action, however. One curious goose was photographed eyeing up the game through a patio door. Bet he was disappointed with the final score. 

3. The corgis partying in Canada.

It’s not just football that’s dominated this week. On Saturday more than 150 corgis attended a beach party in Vancouver which included a costume contest and race. “People just love them,” Cindi Lunn, one of the event’s organisers, told CTV Vancouver. “They bark at you and give you love and they’re cute and they’re stumpy. I think people can just kind of relate to them being a little bit different.” 

4. The baby sea lions born at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

In even more fantastic news, two California sea lion pups have been born at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire. Male pup Hanno was born to first-time mum Lara on 10 June and male pup Oakley was born to second-time mum Bailey (pictured below) on 23 June. The news was shared by the zoo this week. 

“They’ve both had a little splash in the pool, but neither of the pups are strong swimmers yet,” said team leader Tim Savage. “Over the next month they will learn to dive, and practice holding their breath, and soon visitors will see them confidently swimming around the pool with their mums, and dad Dominic.”

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
Bailey and her pup Oakley.

5. The kittens taking on giant Lego.

For those not following the ongoing story of #CatDad, just over a month ago Paris Zarcilla found a stray cat with four kittens under his bed. He has been caring for them ever since and, after discovering the mum wasn’t chipped, has offered all of them a home. Recently the kittens started to explore more of his flat meaning Paris has had to fortify his entrance/exit with huge lego blocks so they can’t escape. Spoiler: it didn’t work. 

BONUS: the arrival of this adorable baby porcupine.

A baby porcupine (otherwise known as a porcupette) was born at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago on 2 July and he is the most precious thing ever. He weighed almost 1lb and had soft red-coloured quills which hardened after a few days. What an absolute cutie.

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