Dutch TV Hosts Eat Each Other's Flesh In Front Of Live Audience

Bringing a grim twist to the concept of cookery shows, two Dutch TV presenters have been left with a bad taste in their mouth after they were filmed eating each other's flesh in front of a live TV audience.

The presenter duo Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno from the show aptly named, Proefkonijnen (meaning 'Guinea Pigs'), both had surgery to remove a small piece of muscle from their body.

They were then challenged to eat each other's body part - one from the backside and the other from the abdomen - while answering a series of silly questions.

Although for many, this would prompt a stomach-churning reaction, the pair struggle to see what the big deal is as they casually talk down their sick challenge as "no big deal".

"There's nothing really special about human meat," shrugged Dennis. "It is weird to look into the eyes of a friend when you are chewing on his belly. It was just a few centimetres of meat - and now I have a good story about the scar".

The pair insist the stunt was legal as they both entered the cannibalistic challenge voluntarily.