20/12/2011 07:50 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Louis Vuitton Condoms, By Irakli Kiziria, For Designer Encounters

Designer Irakli Kiziria has come up with an attention-grabbing new addition to the Louis Vuitton range - a branded condom.

Louis Vuitton condoms, by Irakli Kiziria, for designer encounters Louis Vuitton concept condoms by Irakli Kiziria. Images: Irakli Kiziria (

The Louis Vuitton condom - sadly just a concept on Kiziria's website at the moment - features the designer label's famous monogram moulded directly into the latex to produce a ribbed effect (for her pleasure?) and comes wrapped in the distinctive Louis Vuitton brown and gold pattern.

Kiziria came up with the idea following on from the LVMH luxury trading group's charitable engagements:

"Knowing that the LVMH group supports various foundations and scientific teams engaged in research related to public health issues, I developed an idea for a product to further benefit amFAR with a launch to coincide with World Aids Day."

So how much would one of these babies (well, baby preventatives) set you back? One fan website puts the theoretical price at $68 - just over £43 - so you'd just have to hope you got a lot of bang for your buck (sorry).

Of course, the 2011 World Aids Day has been and gone without any condoms surfacing in Louis Vuitton stores but there's always next year...

For more information Sustainable Love Corp have an interview with Irakli.