Bacon Tree YouTube Video Made By Epic Meal Times Is Christmas Porker

WATCH: Tree Made Out Of Bacon - Delicious Or Disgusting?

Vegetarians look away now: it’s the bacon tree, a yuletide sprig made with over 2000 rashers of greasy pork product.

The "bacon tree" concept was dreamed up by Epic Meal Times, a YouTube cooking show known for creating high-calorie meals out of meat products.

A mixture of fascination, salivation and perhaps Christmas hangover with a bacon injection means that this video has now been viewed over a million times in less than five days.

Health conscious calorie-counters can feel smug with their carrot sticks: this bacon Christmas tree has 40,350 grams of fat and 216,960 calories: enough calories to keep most people going for the best part of the year.

Chicken nuggets and hamburgers are also used in the festive tree. So what do you think: delicious or disgusting?

Warning: there is offensive language used in this video.


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