Dad-To-Be Gets Santa Tattoo On Leg

Dad-To-Be Gets Santa Tattoo On Leg

Solent News

A father-to-be has made sure it is Christmas every day by having an enormous SANTA tattoo inked over his calf.

Ben Coomber, 26, from Winchester, Hampshire, had the tattoo on his leg because of an 'obsession' with Christmas.

"Ever since I was a child I have been obsessed with Christmas so I thought, 'What better way to get into the spirit?'" he said.

In order to show off his artwork to the max, Ben has vowed to wear shorts throughout the festive period, saying the tattoo 'makes him happy and puts smiles on people's faces'.

He told The Sun that having a baby on the way, it would be a 'nice' to show the child 'how exciting Christmas can be'.

"Christmas can be any day of the year as long as you believe," he said, adding "Santa isn't just for Christmas, he's for life."

Hmmm - he is now!

Mad, or just a bit of festive fun?