Gary Barlow Jets Off For Post 'X Factor' Break

Gaz Baz Copies Si Again

He's taken over Simon Cowell's Mr Nasty role on The X Factor, and now he's set to copy his predecessor again by jetting off on a tropical post-show holiday.

Gary Barlow has flown to Antigua to get a well deserved rest after his first year as a judge on the show.

Gary has been through a tough year with losing out to Tulisa and Little Mix in the talent show and contestant Frankie Cocozza being axed from his category amidst a cocaine scandal.

The Take That star flew his three children, Daniel, 11, eight-year-old Emily, two-year-old Daisy and wife Dawn out to the Carribean island last Friday and is having a well deserved rest in time for the Christmas and New Year parties.

Speaking to The Sun, a source said: "Gary has been working flat out for the past few months, both on The X Factor and organising his charity gigs.

"He's a real family man and couldn't wait to spend some more time with his wife Dawn and the kids.

"Some playing with the nippers, swimming and book reading is exactly what he needs after all of the chaos on the TV show."

Gary has been looking forward to some quality family time for a few months. In November he told The Mirror: "I'm taking some time off next year to remind myself who my children are and what their names are.

"It's been nice to concentrate on something other than X Factor. We're in a bubble down there. It's been good to leave London. We get tied up with our own importance."

Wonder if we'll see him topless on a jet-ski a la Mr Cowell?



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