Olly Murs Hopes For Reconciliation With Feuding Twin

Olly's Christmas Wish

Olly Murs has made a public bid for twin brother Ben to get in touch after an ongoing argument has driven the pair apart.

The well publicised feud between the twins began two years ago when Olly missed Ben's wedding to take part in The X Factor semi-final. Ben then later sold a story to a newspaper claiming that Olly's desperation for fame and success drove the family apart.

Speaking to London's Evening Standard, Olly expressed his sadness at the state of the relationship between him and his brother but firmly believes it is not for him to take the first steps.

Olly said: "It's just the same as it was two years ago. I'm sure in the future we will chat and speak about it but at the moment it's the same old.

"It is so sad. This is Christmas but it was the same last year and I hope in the future we will reconcile. I don't know if I will give the olive branch, as he was the one who sold the story, so I don't think it's my place to say sorry.

"I think he knows what he has done so I will have to wait for him to come round and apologise. He hasn't yet but we'll have to see and hopefully in a couple of years we will sort it all out. Fingers crossed we do."

He said: "There's no jealousy of Harry at all. Just leave them to it and who cares? That's my take. I love Caroline and I am friends with Harry. He's a good lad."

However, Olly admitted he would like to he in Harry's shoes, saying: "Caroline and I get on so well and we're really good mates. She's a great girl and we have a laugh. It has never really happened so it's just one of those things and it's a shame."

Don't worry Olly, there must be plenty of girls after you!


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