Olly Murs

"I don’t want to bulls**t my fans or people who watch the show... did I want to leave? No."
The former X Factor co-host hailed his friend as “a fantastic presenter, and someone who was just natural on TV”.
“If there was anyone that I would thought would have got offended by it, it would probably be [my fiancée] Amelia if she thought it was about her, but it actually wasn’t."
Olly Murs and Love Island host Laura Whitmore were among those who shared tributes.
Olly Murs, Max George and Rylan Clark-Neal were among those who sent messages of support.
The singer said he had "never experienced that level of friendship before" as he spoke about his special relationship with the late star.
The singer said he was sorry to those "offended by his social videos".
He began trending on Twitter after he posted a video of himself apparently putting his manhood in the crisp tube.