Olly Murs Transforms Into Mrs. Doubtfire In Hilarious Video Tribute

And there's not a Pringles tube in sight.

The last time Olly Murs shared a TikTok video online, he ended up apologising for the Pringles tube-based prank.

But the Troublemaker singer has replaced the savoury snack packaging with something a little sweeter for his latest clip.

In his latest post, Olly has dressed up as Mrs. Doubtfire to put his own spin on one of the movie’s most memorable scenes – and it’s fair to say, he really does commit to the role.

Recreating the tea-making scene from the classic 1993 film, the singer dons a wig and a creamy face mask as he perfectly lip-syncs to Robin Williams’ dialogue.

Oscar-worthy, we think you’ll agree.

Earlier this month, Olly apologised after receiving a backlash to a prank he played on girlfriend Amelia Tank.

The singer was criticised over a now deleted video he shared on TikTok.

It showed him removing the bottom of a Pringles tube to apparently stick his penis in it, only for an unsuspecting Amelia to unwittingly touch it as she reached into the packaging.

Addressing the subsequent backlash on Twitter and his Instagram Stories, Olly wrote: “So I’ve had a few days to think about this, and wanted to apologise to anyone who has been offended by my social videos.

“My intention was only to make people smile and laugh during these trying times.”


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