Olly Murs Apologises After Backlash To Pringles Tube 'Prank' On Girlfriend Amelia

The singer said he was sorry to those "offended by his social videos".

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Olly Murs has apologised after receiving a backlash to a prank he played on girlfriend Amelia Tank on social media.

The singer was criticised by some after sharing a video on TikTok, which showed him pulling a supposed practical joke involving a Pringles tube.

It saw him removing the bottom of the crisp tube to apparently stick his penis in it, for Amelia to unwittingly touch as they sat down to enjoy a snack.


Pringles now do a variety pack 🤣👏🏻👀🤪😭 #prank #funny #shedidntseethatcoming

♬ original sound - ollymurs

Amelia was heard calling him a “twat” after she reached inside the tube and recoiled.

Addressing the subsequent backlash on Twitter and his Instagram Stories, Olly wrote: “So I’ve had a few days to think about this, and wanted to apologise to anyone who has been offended by my social videos.

“My intention was only to make people smile and laugh during these trying times.”

Olly Murs posted this apology on Instagram
Olly Murs posted this apology on Instagram

He added: “Am wishing you all a great bank holiday. Remember to #bekind #stayathome.”

Olly and Amelia have been on lockdown together at his Essex pad for the last few weeks, after going public with their relationship earlier this year.

Some of their other pranks have seen her flinging ham at his face as he played Fifa, and her sellotaping his phone to his head.

He’s also chucked her in the swimming pool in his back garden and has repeatedly woken her up with early morning noise-making sessions.


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